Niagara offers a complete line of vehicle wash products perfect for all types of applications.

Niagara has created a comprehensive line of field proven vehicle wash products that deliver the highest quality performance, necessary to provide clean vehicles.  We have devoted time and effort in developing a series of solutions that deliver exceptional cleaning power while ensuring environmental compliance. Professional chemists and our accomplished Research and Development specialists work together to manufacture technically advanced and dependable products that far exceed industry standards. Our products are developed with superior ingredients, advanced technology, and manufactured in an ISO 9001 environment. 

Niagara offers a complete line of products under the Niagara brand. We are proud to be associated with Zep Inc. and offer the Zep brand of commercial vehicle wash products.  Zep branded products allow us the opportunity to offer environmentally preferred products through the EnviroEdge™ line. We also offer a Rust Oleum® additive in products such as the underbody Rust Inhibitor product. 

We offer a complete line of traditional and green vehicle wash products including:

  • Heavy Duty Pre-Soak
  • Aluminum Cleaners
  • Adhesive Removers
  • All Purpose Cleaners
  • Aluminum Brighteners
  • Underbody Flush
  • Heavy Duty Degreasers
  • Windshield Wash
  • Floor Cleaners

For a complete line of product applications and bulk delivery options please contact Niagara National for more information.