Niagara National custom designs
and manufactures all types of automatic interior tank cleaning systems, carefully matched to each customer's application. These systems range from manual to fully automatic.

  • Our Series 8000 Interior Tank Cleaning Systems are fully automatic, computer controlled, recirculated and environmentally friendly. They are steel skid mounted, pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation.
  • Food Grade and Kosher Cleaning Systems can be designed to meet the most stringent regulations.
  • Chemical Cleaning Systems are designed to eliminate pre-solve and provide fast removal of latex, resins, paint and other hard-to-remove compounds.

The Advantages

  • Custom designed to fit each application
  • Low cost since you're not paying for features you don't need
  • Environmentally friendly operation

Systems May Include All Or Portions Of The Following:

  • Multiple compartments to comply with cleaning requirements
  • Automatic or manual valving available for all compartments
  • Computerized programmable logic controller for automatic valving for selectable program cleaning sequence
  • High impact spinnerhead pump assemblies
  • Specially designed high capacity recirculating pumps
  • Surface skimmers for removal of foreign floating matter, such as vegetable oil or petroleum oil
  • Chemical resistant drain valves connected to common outlet
  • Stainless steel filtering systems
  • Pre-wired master control panel with indicator lights and timer to preset the timing cycle for cleaning any product
  • Motors are pre-wired to master control panel and emergency shut-down controls
  • Full insulation on all heated compartments including sides and top available
  • Control panel with push button controls and timer, for mounting on catwalk
  • Heated with either steam heat exchangers or Niagara gas fired Krondex furnace system
  • High volume hot air drying system
  • Remote control panel with push button control, indicator lights, and timer. Customarily mounted on catwalk
  • Cat Walk Available

Sample Tank Wash Drawing